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Hybrid version


  • We have a hybrid version that allows working with touch devices or mouse
  • It is adapted to new multi core processors
  • Download and analyze driver files, vehicle files and S-files (data of speed and RPM every 0.25s)
  • The entire system can be operated with both hands holding the tablet and manipulating thumbs: From the control on the road until forensics analysis – everything is possible
Quick and effective controls


  • Infringement module 561/06
  • Manipulation module 3821/85
  • Construction errors of tachograph manufacturer Module
  • Module to create infractions manually
  • All infringements are customizable, updated and tested in real controls
Infringement module 561/06


In computing everything can be copied but not in mathematics. The algorithms used for fines of 561 introduce optimized procedures to overcome the problem of inconsistency of 561.
Weekly rest is solved exactly and expressed so clearly to the user that the explanaition text is valid to resolve any appeal of any attorney

Manipulation module


POLICE CONTROLLER® is able to detect all kind of manipulations even in the extreme case not only the tachographs but also the onboard computer is manipulated.

Powerful interactive graphics


The graphic tools allow almost unlimited interaction : calculation of km between 2 points, simultaneous visualization of multiple drivers and vehicles, drag and drop events between graphics…



Visualization of all infringements in all European languages ​​to show them to foreign drivers without changing the program language.
We have a multi- language query module of European and national legislation and authentication of documents of vehicles throughout Europe.

Integration of digital and analogue data (tachodisc)


POLICE CONTROLLER®allows fast and accurate reading of analogue tachodisc and complete integration with digital data. Example: fines can be calculated from 40 tachodisc in 15 minutes (scan-record data-view fines)

Specific tools for company controls


Structural analysis of the information: errors file structure, control handling
Data Integrity Analysis of driver and vehicle
Analysis of infringements: breaches analysis 561, manipulations to 3821, construction errors of the tachographs

Forensic analysis and Attestations of the accidents


Access to digital file structure: judicial test valid according to 3821/85. The S 3 application allows compiling automatically reports for accidents, where vehicles with digital tachograph are involved, with forensic precision We recommend downloading the S file Forensic analysis of analog discs extremely precisely, even on the road taking a picture disc with rear camer

Possibility of customize and configure all parameters


The configuration allows editing and assigning independently to each user:
– Checklist: infringements to be controlled, amounts and tolerances
– Control types
– Program accessibility
– Accessibility of information
– Control over other users

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O Police Controller está presente em Espanha, Itália e Portugal


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